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Please feel free to explore our site. If you have any questions please contact us or come along to one of our monthly meetings.


We are a local group for people who have been affected by ME/CFS, their family, friends and carers.


We are here for anyone who would like more information or just to chat with someone who "is in the same boat". We share experances and hint's and tips.


Myalgic Encephalopathy/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME/CFS is a condition that affects people both physically and emotionally. The effects of this condition not only affect the patient but also family and friends. We are a support group that meets once a month at the ability centre in West Lothian. We are a friendly group and welcome not only sufferers but careers, friends and family as well.

How it feels bad now but can get better.

It's bad enough when you feel rubbish, all aches and pains. It's even worse when some people don't believe you, friends, family and even doctor's can say things like "it's all in your head" or "just get on with it" even "you're such a hypochondriac" but what can hurt more than anything else is thinking they're right or you're on your own. To be ill and not be able to understand or talk about whats happening to you was one of the hardest things I had to deal with and to finally get a name for the things I was feeling was the biggest relief in the world. I wasn't crazy, making it up or just over worked, I really had something wrong with me but even then I had to fight for the help I needed both physically and emotionally. This was where support groups rely are a huge help. I was able to talk to people who understood not just sympathised, who really know how it felt. The most beneficial thing for me was learning from other people how to cope with this condition. The do's and don’ts and even, how to laugh at the brain fogged silly moments we all have. Being able to talk and share with people who are in the same boat, about up's and down's but also just being able to have an everyday chat about rubbish was such a relief. They understood if I talked rubbish or got tired and just had to leave, they knew the joy and challenge that just getting to the front door can be and were accepting. Of all the many, many things I've tried to help this illness the one that helped me the most was just having a chat.

So if you have eventually got to the end of this page you are doing well, don't forget baby steps and taking pleasure in the small things makes life easier. If all else fails come along to our monthly meetings which are relaxed and very flexible for a chat or get in touch using the Contact us page on this website.


Currently, the NHS in Scotland provides some limited services for those with M.E./CFS, although more are being developed. Many sufferers help themselves by learning to balance activity with rest, and make use of NHS or private doctors, health professionals or complementary therapists as advisors in their journey towards recovery.


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